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Do Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Head Injuries?

Posted on in Motorcycle Accidents

IL injury lawyerMotorcycle helmets are a critical piece of safety equipment designed to protect riders from head injuries. However, questions may arise regarding the effectiveness of helmets in preventing head injuries, especially traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, motorcycle helmets do not always prevent head injuries. If you experienced an injury riding a motorcycle, contact a lawyer right away, as you may be entitled to damages.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Helmets 

Motorcycle helmets are specifically designed to protect the head and brain during accidents. Essentially, the helmet provides a barrier between the skull and the external forces that can cause head trauma. Helmets are usually constructed with a hard outer shell, an impact-absorbing liner, and a comfort padding. These layers work together to absorb and distribute the impact force, minimizing the likelihood of a head injury. 

Reducing the Risk of Head Injuries

Studies consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of motorcycle accidents in reducing the risk of head injuries. Helmets are estimated to be about 37 percent effective in preventing fatal head injuries among motorcycle riders. Helmets have also been demonstrated to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury and skull fractures.

The Role of Helmet Standards

To ensure optimal protection, motorcycle helmets must meet specific safety standards set by regulatory bodies. In the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) establishes standards for motorcycle helmets. DOT-approved helmets undergo rigorous testing for impact resistance and other safety criteria. Choosing a helmet that meets these standards is crucial for maximizing protection against head injuries.

The Importance of a Proper Fitting Helmet

While wearing a helmet is essential, its effectiveness depends on properly fitting it. A well-fitted helmet should snugly cover the entire head, with the chin strap securely fastened. Helmets that are too loose or improperly secured may fail to provide adequate protection during an accident.

The Bottom Line

There is no question that wearing a motorcycle helmet decreases your risk of suffering 

a head injury in the event you experience an accident. However, in no way does wearing a helmet entirely absolve the risk of falling from the motorcycle, hitting your head on the pavement, and becoming injured. Illinois law states that injured people can pursue a personal injury lawsuit within two years of their injury. This makes it imperative not to wait until the last minute to file your claim, as doing so may put your chance of obtaining compensation in serious jeopardy. 

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