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Lake County Defective Drug Injury Attorneys

Lake County Defective Drug Lawyers

Pharmaceutical Negligence Personal Injury Lawyers in Richmond and Wheaton, Illinois

Defective drugs are a significant problem in the United States, where it seems that every month the FDA approves a new treatment for any number of diseases, ailments, or even cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately, most of the tests used do not take into consideration long-term consequences or potential dangers for individual patients, especially those who are at a higher risk. At Salvi & Maher, LLP, we understand the complexities of defective drug injuries and will work with you to protect your rights.

Assert your rights against a negligent pharmaceutical company. We will help you take action to recover compensation for your injuries. Call 847-662-3303 or contact us online for a free consultation or to speak with a dangerous drug injury attorney.

Injuries and Wrongful Death Involving Prescription Drugs

Many people do not realize when an injury or death has a systemic relationship to prescription drug use. If you or someone you love has been taking medication and recently suffered an illness or died, you will want to work with medical experts who can determine if the injury was caused by the drug.

Please reach out to our attorneys if you or someone you love suffered one of the following diseases or injuries while on the following medications:

  • Accutane: ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Avandia: heart attack, stroke, death
  • Bextra: heart attack, stroke, death
  • Celebrex: heart attack, stroke, death
  • Concerta: sudden death
  • Crestor: liver damage, kidney damage, organ failure
  • Elidel: cancer
  • Epogen: heart failure, stroke, death
  • Fosamax: loss or breakdown of jaw bone, serious infection, fractures
  • HRT: breast cancer, heart attack, stroke
  • Methazolamide: rare skin disorders, including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Ortho Evra: blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, heart attack, stroke
  • Paxil: suicide
  • Permax: heart valve damage
  • Protopic: cancer
  • Reglan: tardive dyskinesia
  • Ritalin: cardiovascular disorders, death
  • Seroquel: diabetes, heart failure, infection
  • Trasylol: heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure, death
  • Viagra: blindness
  • Vioxx: heart attack, stroke, sudden death

Prescription Drug Use and Increased Injury From Drugs

In modern society, it seems that there should be a quick fix to everything. Doctors are prescribing medications for treatments as quickly as pharmaceutical companies can get them approved by the FDA. When side effects are unknown, or when interactions between drugs and high-risk conditions are unknown, many patients become the victims of this whirlwind cycle after it is too late. Our attorneys will help you take action against negligent companies and recover the compensation you need.

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