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4 Reasons Why Serious Car Accidents Are Common at Night

Posted on in Car Accidents

IL injury lawyerAccording to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 50 percent of fatal car accidents happen at night, despite the fact that only about 25 percent of motor vehicle travel takes place during the night hours. Clearly, your chances of being involved in a serious or fatal car accident increase substantially when you are on the road at night. Understanding the common factors that contribute to these serious accidents may help you avoid them, or recognize signs of negligence that could bolster a personal injury claim if you are injured in a nighttime car crash.

Alcohol Intoxication

There is a stark difference between the number of alcohol-related car crash fatalities during the day and at night. According to the NHTSA, while alcohol is a factor in less than 20 percent of car crash fatalities during the day, it contributes to around 60 percent of nighttime car crash fatalities. Drivers at night are much more likely to be traveling after spending time at a bar or social gathering where alcohol was served, putting others on the road at risk.


Speeding is also a more serious issue at night than during the day, perhaps because roads are less congested. The NHTSA reports that speeding is a factor in almost twice as many car crash fatalities at night when compared to the daytime hours.

Driver Fatigue

Drivers who are on the road late at night or more likely to experience the effects of fatigue, including lower alertness, slower reactions, and a tendency to fall asleep at the wheel. Fatigue can be an especially serious problem for commercial truck drivers, who often work long hours and may drive overnight to complete a shipment.

Low Visibility

Driving in the dark is inherently more difficult than driving during the daylight hours. Drivers are able to see for a shorter distance around and in front of them, which makes it harder to detect other drivers, pedestrians, and hazards on the road. When coupled with the effects of alcohol intoxication, speeding, and driver fatigue, decreased visibility can be especially dangerous.

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