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Accident Aftermath: How to Protect Yourself after a Vehicle Accident

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to experience a motor vehicle accident is familiar with the initial state of shock and panic that occurs just seconds after the accident. Victims experience a range of emotions, from anger and confusion to numbness and overwhelming fear. The emotional toll can be endless, especially when the accident is severe and multiple lives are affected in a mere matter of minutes.

Once the damage is done, there is no going back, but the moments that immediately follow the accident can be crucial. Knowing which steps to take after the impact can decrease the negative effects on your body both mentally and physically, while at the same time protecting your best interests when it is time to file an insurance claim.

The First Few Minutes

The steps you take the moment the accident is over are critical. Should you find yourself in a vehicle accident, try to take action right away by doing the following:

  • Pull over and park your car in a safe place, if possible;
  • Check to see that everyone in your vehicle is safe and communicate with all passengers;
  • If someone is injured, attempt to cover them with a coat or blanket. Covering them with something warm and making physical contact can help comfort them in their state of shock. Do not attempt to move them as moving them could potentially make their injury worse. There may be internal injuries you cannot see with the naked eye; and
  • Call 911 immediately and provide any information possible, starting with your location.

Contact and Communication

After you have called emergency services, you will need to make contact with the other drivers involved in the accident and speak clearly with them to exchange information. Be prepared for all kinds of reactions; some drivers will be shaken, upset, and angry. Do your best to remain calm and obtain their name, license plate number, and a brief vehicle description. You will also need to retrieve their insurance information and names and phone numbers of potential witnesses.

Guidance and Support

Vehicle accidents can be minor or life-altering. No matter what circumstances surround your accident, having the right support to protect your best interests can make all the difference in the unpleasant aftermath that follows. A knowledgeable Lake County vehicle accident attorney can help ensure your rights are protected and that your questions are properly answered. If you find yourself in a vehicle accident and are seeking some guidance, call Salvi & Maher, LLP at 847-662-3303 to schedule a free consultation today.



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