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Back to School Safety Tips for Children

 Posted on August 25, 2022 in School Bus Accidents

IL injury lawyerThis month, children all over Illinois are returning to school - most of them in person. Whether your children are excited to be going back or resisting the early-morning wake-ups, their safety comes first. While all parents are somewhat anxious about sending their children off to brick-and-mortar schools this year, the risk of them sustaining a serious injury is fairly low - but not nonexistent. Typically, the most dangerous part of the school day is getting to and from school. No matter how your children get to school - walking, biking, riding the bus, using public transportation, or taking a car - there is some level of risk involved. If your child is injured on their way to school or home from school, you may be entitled to recover compensation on their behalf. An attorney can help fight for your child.

Staying Safe On a Bus or Train

Neither yellow school buses nor public buses nor trains typically provide seatbelts. This means that children - and other occupants - are more likely to be thrown about and injured in the event of a crash. Even a sudden stop or turn can prove risky. Children should:

  • Know evacuation procedures - School buses should do yearly drills. Even on public transportation, children should be familiar with the location of emergency exits.
  • Cross when directed - If your children need to cross the street when getting on or off a bus, it is crucial that they know to cross only when the bus is stopped. While there is still a risk of a careless driver passing a stopped bus, crossing only when instructed by the driver can reduce this risk.
  • Stay seated - Children should be seated at all times when the vehicle is moving whenever possible.

Staying Safe in a Car

Parents should ensure that children are wearing seatbelts at all times. Other than that:

  • Reduce distractions - Particularly if your child is driving or riding with a friend, it is critical to keep distractions at a minimum.
  • Leave on time - A driver who is in a rush to get to school on time is more likely to make a dangerous mistake.

Staying Safe While Walking or Biking

Children who walk or bike to school are most at risk of being hit by a careless driver. To minimize this risk, kids should:

  • Know where to cross - It is best to choose an intersection that has a crossing guard, or at least a pedestrian signal.
  • Wear reflective clothing - Unless they are walking both ways in full bright daylight, children should have reflective clothing so that vehicles can see them clearly.

If these tips are not enough to keep your child from getting injured en route to or from school, they may be entitled to compensation.

Call a Lake County Children’s Injury Attorney

Salvi & Maher, LLP takes cases involving injured children very seriously. Our experienced Waukegan children’s injury lawyers will fight for you and your child to recover the compensation you need. Call 847-662-3303 for a free consultation.





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