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Back-to-School Season Could Mean More Bus Accidents

 Posted on August 12, 2021 in School Bus Accidents

IL injury lawyerWith many Illinois students returning to in-person schooling in the coming weeks, school buses will become a common sight again on the roads. Just like any other motor vehicle, school buses are sometimes involved in accidents that result in serious injuries. Although these accidents are fairly uncommon, they can be some of the most complicated when it comes to recovering compensation. If you or your child is injured in a school bus accident, a personal injury attorney can help you determine who is at fault and take the appropriate steps to settle or resolve your claim.

School Bus Accidents in Illinois

Illinois has had its fair share of serious school bus accidents, with perhaps the most notable being a 1995 railroad crossing collision in Fox River Grove, in which seven students lost their lives. Certainly, not every school bus accident results in such tragic losses, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that school buses are actually one of the safest forms of transportation for passengers. However, in 2019, there were still more than 1,200 school bus accidents in Illinois. More than 200 of those crashes resulted in injuries.

All told, in 2019, 85 school-age children and 39 school bus drivers were injured in Illinois school bus accidents. Occupants of other vehicles are also at risk of injuries in collisions with school buses, and they tend to suffer some of the most severe injuries.

Liability in School Bus Accident Cases

When a person is injured in a school bus accident, one of the most complicated aspects of recovering compensation is determining who is at fault. In many cases, the bus driver is at least partially responsible, perhaps due to inexperience, inattention, or driver error. However, the driver of another vehicle involved in the collision could also be at fault.

Other liable parties could include the bus’s manufacturer or owner, or the bus driver’s employer. It is important to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the accident to determine whether it may have been caused by a defective or improperly maintained part, or insufficient training or oversight of the driver.

In Illinois, school bus drivers are usually employed by a school district, meaning it may be necessary for injury victims to file a claim against a government entity. This can further complicate the claim by requiring the victim to fulfill notification requirements and filing deadlines specific to these cases.

Contact a Lake County Bus Accident Attorney

If you are affected by a bus accident injury this school year, you can turn to the experienced Waukegan, IL personal injury lawyers at Salvi & Maher, LLC for assistance. We will help you investigate the circumstances of the accident and guide and represent you through the process of filing your claim and recovering fair compensation. Call us today at 847-662-3303 to schedule a free consultation.






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