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"Black Box" Truck Crash Data and Your Personal Injury Claim

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Lake County Truck Crash Injury LawyerBeing involved in a commercial truck crash can lead to devastating injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, the truck’s driver and trucking company often try to avoid responsibility by denying that they were at fault or minimizing the severity of the crash. For this reason, it is essential for victims of truck crashes to secure access to additional evidence that can prove their case – especially evidence like “black box” data.

You may know that airplanes contain a "black box" that records important data about the plane’s performance in an accident. Similarly, many commercial trucks contain their own black boxes called "event data recorders" that track data such as speed, braking distance, and acceleration. Obtaining access to this data can be extremely helpful for supporting your personal injury claim after a truck crash.

What Is an Event Data Recorder and Why it is Important?

An event data recorder is a device that stores information about the truck’s operation in the moments before and after a crash. It records information such as speed, engine RPM, brake application, acceleration, and fuel flow rate.

This data can provide critical evidence to support your injury claim. For example, if the data shows that the truck was speeding or braking erratically before the crash, you may be able to use this information to prove that the driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

Obtaining Access to Event Data Recorder Evidence in a Truck Crash Case

One of the key reasons it is important to work with a personal injury attorney during a truck accident case is that an experienced attorney will know how to find crucial evidence like EDR data. Even more importantly, attorneys have legal tools they can use to ensure that evidence is not destroyed or withheld.

For example, if the trucking company tries to hide the black box data, your attorney can send a legal demand that requires the company to preserve this evidence and turn it over in discovery.

Damages in a Truck Crash Injury Claim

If you can successfully prove that the truck driver or trucking company was at fault for your crash, you may be entitled to damages. Depending on the specifics of your case and injuries, potential damages available in a truck accident claim include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses associated with the crash.

If your loved one passed away in a fatal truck crash, you may be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. This may allow for the recovery of compensation such as funeral expenses, lost income, and medical bills.

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At Salvi & Maher, LLP, we recognize the importance of strong evidence in a commercial truck accident case. Our team of Lake County truck accident attorneys is prepared to investigate your crash, identify potential sources of evidence – including black box data – and fight for the full compensation you may be entitled to receive.

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