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Boating Accidents and Injuries More Common Than Most Assume

 Posted on June 07, 2018 in Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Lake County boat accident lawyerWith the summer months in full bloom here in the greater Chicago area, many Chicagoans are hauling their boats out to Illinois’ impressive number of boating attractions. From Lake Michigan to Rock River, Illinois offers boating enthusiasts a wide array of recreational opportunities. However, with the fun and excitement of boating comes risk. 

According to the United States Coast Guard, 4,291 boating accidents occurred throughout the United States in 2017 alone. In all, 2,629 Americans suffered injuries during boating accidents throughout the year, 658 of which proved to be fatal. If your family is planning to enjoy Illinois’ waterways this summer, it is important to know how to keep your family safe. If a member of your family suffers an injury while boating, it is critically important to quickly obtain the medical and legal support you need. 

Avoiding an Accident

While some boating accidents are unavoidable, there are a few simple tactics that can help increase the likelihood of your family coming home safe and sound after your time on the water: 

  • Wear your life jackets - According to the US Coast Guard, of all recorded boating fatalities in which the cause of death was known, 76% of deaths were caused by drowning. Of those victims, over 84% were not wearing their life jackets. As a driver of a boat, you have a responsibility to ensure that every passenger is wearing their life jacket. It may just save a life. 
  • Do not drink and drive - Due to the lack of concrete traffic laws involved in motorboat travel, many drivers choose to drive recklessly. The most reckless form of motorboat driving is undoubtedly driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2017, alcohol was the primary cause of 19% of all boating fatalities. Additionally, the US Coast Guard states that alcohol is the leading cause of fatal boating accidents nationwide. 
  • Drive responsibly - Operating your motorboat responsibly can be the difference between being involved in an accident and avoiding one. Four of the five primary factors in boating accidents involve poor driving. These include driver inattentiveness, driver inexperience, improper lookout, and driving under the influence of alcohol. If you plan to drive a motorboat this summer, drive responsibly. 

Contact a Waukegan Boat Accident Attorney

In the state of Illinois, there were more than 70 boating accidents throughout the summer months of 2015. Nearly half of all boating accidents throughout that span resulted in injury. If you or a member of your family have been injured in a boating accident this summer, contact our knowledgeable team of Lake County personal injury attorneys. For additional information, call 847-662-3303 to set up a free consultation today. 




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