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Buckle Up: Ensuring Safety of Child Passengers

Posted on in Driving Safety

driving safety, automobile collision, car seat safety, car seat safety guidelines, child passenger injuryOn Sunday, March 25, a two-year-old child was ejected out of the back of a vehicle after the vehicle was hit in a side-swiping collision. The accident, which occurred in Winter Haven Florida, served as a stark reminder of the dangers of driving with small children. Two child seats and a booster seat on board when police arrived at the vehicle. The Winter Haven police are currently investigating whether or not the child restraint systems were properly and safely utilized.

In the four year span between 2010 and 2014, just under 3,000 children under the age of 15 suffered fatal injuries while riding in cars. Nationwide, that number averages to roughly 11 children a week. Of those fatally injured in car accidents, 43 percent were either unbuckled or improperly restrained in their child restraint systems.

If your child is injured in an automobile collision, the aftermath can be emotionally devastating. Contact our compassionate team of Waukegan personal injury attorneys to receive the help you and your family need.

Child Injuries in Illinois

In Illinois, over 90,000 people suffered injuries in vehicular accidents throughout 2015 alone. Of those 90,000 injuries, only 144 involved children 15 years old or younger. In all, the Illinois Department of Transportation states that only five children suffered fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents throughout 2015.

The low number for the state is encouraging and, without a doubt, increased safety regulations in seat belts, airbags, and child restraint systems have helped to keep the number of child fatalities to a minimum.

That said, of all the child motor vehicle fatalities in the state from 2010 to 2014, more than one-in-five children were either not restrained or restrained improperly. Also interesting to note is the fact that over that same time period upwards of 70 percent of vehicular fatalities for children throughout midwestern states occurred on rural roadways.

Contact a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in Illinois Today

Throughout the nation, motor vehicle collisions continue to be a significant issue, and none are more concerning than those involving children. As parents, we all do our best to ensure the safety of our children; however, accidents do happen. If a member of your family is involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team of Waukegan personal injury attorneys to discuss your case and options today.






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