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Can I Sue If I Got Injured By a Defective Product?

 Posted on December 16, 2022 in Defective Products

wheaton divorce lawyerThe legal theory behind suing for injuries caused by a defective product is called "product liability." Under this theory, the manufacturer, designer, or distributor of a product can be held responsible for any injuries caused by the use of its product. If the party was aware of a defect or should have been aware but failed to warn consumers, they can be held accountable for any harm caused.

Examples of a Defective Product Case

Examples of product liability cases include defective medical devices, dangerous children’s toys, and other consumer items. Injured plaintiffs can take several courses of action to seek compensation for their injuries, including filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer or other at-falt party. A successful product liability claim will typically result in monetary damages covering pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses. 

A real-life example of this would be if you purchased a hair dryer and it was defective, causing you to suffer electric shock or burns. You could file a product liability lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover damages for your injuries.

What Should I Do If I Think A Defective Product caused my Injury?

If you believe that your injury resulted from a defective product, the first step is to seek medical attention. Once you have received your injury treatment, you must contact an experienced product liability lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and determine if you have a valid claim. Sometimes, the at-fault party may offer to pay for your medical expenses or provide other compensation. If that’s not the case, your attorney can help you pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer to seek justice and financial compensation. 

How to Provide Proof of a Defective Product Claim

To prove that the product was defective, you must provide evidence. This may include photos of the product, medical records, and other documents related to your injury. Your attorney can help you compile this evidence and present it convincingly to support your claim. Additionally, if there have been similar complaints about the product, you may be able to use those as further evidence. 

Contact a Lake County Defective Product Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured due to a defective product, contact our experienced Waukegan personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can help protect your rights and seek out compensation. Contact Salvi & Maher, LLP at [[phone for a free consultation.




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