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Car accident in Chicago suburb

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

It was a scary moment last week in one Chicago suburb. A sport utility vehicle crashed into a car and then continued to drive into a home in southwestern Oak Lawn.

There were witnesses to the car accident. One man who lives nearby actually heard the collision inside his house. He described a big bang and the sound of metal on metal. A young boy saw the car crash. The 13-year-old also lives nearby. He said that a woman exited the SUV after it hit the house. She apparently apologized to the police before they took her into custody.

According to police, the accident occurred during the afternoon when the SUV ran through a stop sign and crashed into the east-travelling car. The impact did not stop the SUV, which continued on into the house on the street corner. Police did not yet know if the driver was speeding or why she disobeyed the stop sign.

Both female drivers of the car and SUV suffered minor injuries. Firefighters arrived at the scene and had to help the driver of the car. Fortunately, a baby in the SUV was not hurt. Another woman in the home also escaped the accident unscathed.

Aside from the obvious property damage, victims of serious car accidents such as this may require compensation to help pay for the extensive medical bills and recovery. When a victim pursues a personal injury case, the first step is to prove that the other party (or parties) acted negligently. An attorney will look at a number of factors to determine negligence, for example, violation of traffic laws like running a stop sign or speeding. Once negligence is proved, the stage is set for the victim to win a possible award of damages.

Source: CBS Chicago, "SUV Hits Car, Then Crashes Into House In Oak Lawn," Mar. 4, 2014

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