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Il injury lawyerChicago plans to bring several thousand electric scooters to city streets this spring. Scooters can help reduce traffic congestion, decrease the burden on public transportation, and even cut down on pollution. However, these scooters also have drawbacks. Scooter-related injuries can occur from collisions between scooters and motor vehicles, trip and fall accidents caused by discarded scooters, and injuries from falling off of the scooters.

When the Chicago scooter pilot program first launched in 2019, many people voiced concerns about safety issues. Steps have since been taken to reduce the chances of scooter-related injuries, but it is still unclear if enough action has been taken to address electric scooter dangers.

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Scooters are fun, affordable, and more environmentally friendly than cars. However, scooters also present hazards to riders, motorists, and pedestrians. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), emergency room visits caused by accidents involving scooters and other micro-mobility products have increased 70 percent in the last few years. Even more concerningly, more than one-third of these emergency room visits were for head injuries.


IL injury lawyerJust a few weeks ago, a small plane from Illinois crashed in Ohio, killing both men on board. While large airline crashes make international news, small airplane accidents are more common and usually kill and injure far more people every year than major plane crashes. Several hundred people die in private plane crashes in a typical year, and many thousands more are injured. If you or a loved one have been injured in a private or commercial plane crash, you may want to take legal action.

Why Do Private Planes Crash More Often?

Pilots of private planes require less training and flight time than commercial airline pilots, particularly when planes are flown by private owners who fly and maintain their aircraft as a hobby. While many small airplane owners enjoy taking their friends and family on local trips, a pilot’s lack of experience or an insufficiently rigorous safety routine can contribute to a fatal plane crash.

Private airplanes also lack the autopilot functions and safety mechanisms of commercial aircraft that can correct and assist pilots in real-time, so small errors can quickly contribute to a fatal accident. While the classic idea of a plane crash happens in flight, plane crashes can also occur even when a plane is not in the air; in fact, taxiing on runways is one of the most dangerous times to be on a plane.


IL accident lawyerLake Michigan offers unparalleled opportunities for freshwater sporting. People who live in Illinois often spend all winter waiting eagerly for the weather to warm up so they can get out onto the water and start using their boats, jet skis, and paddleboards again. While water sports and recreation are a wonderful part of living in Lake County, these activities are not without risks. In 2020 alone, 81 boating accidents were reported in Illinois, including 21 fatalities.

Even with the most careful operators, boat accidents can still happen. But when a boating accident happens because of recklessness or negligence, or because someone is operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people who are injured may want to pursue compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. For those who are killed in a boating accident, the victim’s loved ones may want to pursue compensation on their behalf.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

While boating generally presents significantly less danger compared to driving on the road, boating accidents are still fairly common and the vast majority of them happen for the following reasons:


IL injury lawyerIllinois law gives injured people the right to seek financial compensation if another party’s actions or negligent inaction caused them harm. For example, someone struck by a drunk driver may be able to bring a claim against the driver and/or the driver’s auto insurance company. Someone who is injured by a defective product may bring a claim against the party that designed or manufactured the product. Premises liability accidents like slip and fall accidents may also lead to a personal injury claim.

Whatever the cause, a serious accident can have devastating long-term financial consequences for the injured person and their family. Lost income from missed work and lost earning capacity are often some of the largest financial burdens to overcome after an injurious accident.

Recovering Lost Income After a Serious Injury

Brain injuries, spine injuries, broken bones, burns, and other serious injuries often require extensive recovery time. Many people injured by another party’s negligence have to stay in the hospital for several days or even weeks. Others need long-term rehabilitative care. Not only are these medical needs expensive, but they can also prevent the injured person from working.


IL injury lawyerPeople who are injured by negligent motorists, defective consumer products, or hazardous property conditions may be able to bring a personal injury claim and recover damages. The injured person, or the family of a deceased person, may be able to recover reimbursement for property damage, medical bills, and lost income caused by the incident. Financial compensation for lost qualify of life, pain, and other non-financial consequences resulting from the injury may also be recoverable.

However, many people hesitate to seek compensation through an injury claim or lawsuit because they do not understand the personal injury process or how it works. Myths and misunderstandings about personal injury law also contribute to the confusion.

Myth: The Defendant Will Have to Pay Out of Pocket

Many people assume that personal injury damages will come out of the defendant’s pocket. This makes them hesitant to bring a claim if the at-fault party was a friend, family member, or neighbor. While it is possible that a defendant will have to pay out of pocket, the vast majority of personal injury damages are paid by the at-fault party’s insurer. Usually, an auto insurance company or homeowner’s company is responsible for paying personal injury claim payouts.

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