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IL injury lawyerIn the busy city of Chicago, there are always construction projects going on. New buildings are erected while others are torn down. Structures are repaired and updated. Because construction sites are so dangerous, they are subject to strict laws and regulations. However, construction accidents can and do occur.

On October 6, 2021, a large crane collapsed mere feet from a residential building. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, the crane accident is a glaring reminder of the danger large construction equipment can pose to workers and non-workers alike.

Crane Collapse Forces Chicago Residents to Evacuate

Construction equipment can weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds. When large equipment like this fails, the results can be catastrophic. The crane collapse that occurred recently in Chicago left more than 100 residents without power and crushed several vehicles. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) lines were also temporarily closed but service has now been restored. At this time, investigators do not know what caused the crane to tip over, but everyone is thankful that the unexpected accident did not result in severe injuries or deaths.


IL injury lawyerLaw enforcement officers often have dangerous jobs, and they can be injured in any number of ways while performing their duties. Of course, there is the risk of intentional injury at the hands of a criminal suspect or a person who chooses to target a police officer, but patrolling officers are also often injured in car accidents. Just this past weekend, an Illinois State trooper in Chicago was injured while conducting a traffic stop when he was struck by a driver who was subsequently charged with a DUI. Fortunately, officers and their families have options for recovering compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Workers’ Compensation and Other Benefits

Like most employees in Illinois, law enforcement officers who are injured in the course of their work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through their employers. These benefits provide for the costs of an injured officer’s medical care, and they can also provide lost wage benefits when the injuries result in long-term or permanent disabilities. Officers also have additional protection under the Illinois Public Employee Disability Act, which provides benefits in the full amount of the officer’s salary for the first year of their disability. These benefits are often the first place an injured officer should look for the compensation they need.

Third-Party Liability

In many cases when an officer is injured in a car crash, especially when the officer is on foot, the fault lies with the driver of the other vehicle. As such, there may be another available avenue for compensation in the form of a third-party personal injury claim. As with any personal injury claim, an injured law enforcement officer will need to demonstrate that their injuries were caused by another party’s negligence. For example, the driver may have been speeding, driving recklessly, or operating while distracted or under the influence of a controlled substance.


rear-end-crash_20210606-173800_1.jpgFor many employees, driving is an important part of their work responsibilities. Commercial truck drivers, delivery drivers, employees who travel between work sites, and even employees who occasionally run errands for their employer during the workday will often find themselves on the road, and this comes with exposure to the risk of serious injury in a motor vehicle accident. If you are injured while driving for work, it is important to understand your options for recovering compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Through Your Employer

In many cases, a person who is injured in an accident while driving for work is entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits through their employer. Workers’ compensation claims do not require a demonstration of fault or negligence on the part of your employer, but in order to be eligible for benefits, the following must be true:

  • You must be classified as an employee, rather than as an independent contractor.
  • The injury must have occurred during the course of your work. Usually, this excludes accidents that occur during the commute to and from work.
  • The injury must not have been the result of your intoxication or a serious criminal violation on your part.

If you are approved for workers’ compensation, the benefits will cover all medical expenses related to your injuries. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could also qualify for temporary or permanent disability benefits to compensate for a portion of your lost wages.


IL injury lawyerWhile some professions are inherently more dangerous than others, the risk of injury at work exists for all employees. Some injuries are caused by a single traumatic event such as falling or being crushed by equipment. Others, such as repetitive motion injuries, occur slowly over time. If you were hurt at work, you may be left wondering how you will pay for medical expenses and other losses resulting from your injury. Workers’ compensation and/or a third-party claim may allow you to recover compensation.

Workers’ Compensation for Injured Employees in Illinois

In Illinois, employers with one or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance reimburses an injured worker for the financial losses he or she suffers because of a work accident. Typically, two-thirds of an injured worker’s wages are recoverable through a workers’ compensation claim. Medical bills including emergency medical treatment, doctor’s appointments, surgery, and rehabilitative care are also covered under workers’ compensation. Although Illinois law mandates workers’ compensation insurance for exactly this purpose, injured workers can sometimes face obstacles getting the compensation they need. The insurer may offer much less than the worker actually needs to cover his or her expenses, miscalculate the worker’s income, or deny the claim altogether. A workers’ compensation lawyer can be a valuable source of advocacy in situations like these.

A Third-Party Claim May Secure Further Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws prevent employees from suing their employers. However, injured workers may still have the chance to file a personal injury lawsuit and collect damages. If the actions of another party such as a property owner, general contractor, or negligent driver caused the injury, the worker may bring a personal injury claim against that party. The worker may be able to secure compensation above and beyond workers’ compensation including his or her full lost wages. Unlike a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury claim may also allow for the recovery of non-economic damages like physical pain, emotional and mental suffering, and disfigurement.


Libertyville construction accident lawyer fatal injuryA recent on-the-job tragedy reminded workers across the United States of the inherent dangers of working in the construction industry. On August 23rd, 2018, a 27-year-old construction worker was fatally injured while he and his construction team were working on a private preparatory school in northeast Maryland. The accident occurred as the construction team was attempting to move a portable building, and the worker was struck during the move. The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Department are conducting an ongoing investigation in hopes of gaining further insight into how the accident occurred. 

In 2016 alone, 5,190 American workers were killed while at work. Over 20% of American workers that suffered fatal injuries in 2016 were involved in construction accidents. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has worked extensively to minimize workplace fatalities, work injuries continue to plague a number of American industries, none more so than the construction industry. If you or a member of your family suffer an injury while at work, a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney can help you receive the financial benefits you deserve. 

Why Are Construction Fatalities So Common? 

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