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Cell Phone Use and Driving: Putting Everyone at Risk

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,Nine times out of ten, when we hear about cell phone-related car accidents, we instantly think of texting and driving. Gone are the days we need to hold our phone to handle a call. Hands-free devices and ever-evolving auto technologies make it easier today, more than ever before, to speak on the phone while driving without putting ourselves or others in danger. While many of these technological advances allow for safer phone calls, cell phone use to be a prevalent problem and an ongoing danger on the roadways.

Three Types of Distraction

While other forms of distracted driving take our attention from the road - like eating, putting makeup on, attending to children, or playing with the radio - cell phone use is especially distracting as it disturbs our focus in three crucial ways: visually, manually, and cognitively, all at once. According to the CDC, texting while driving in particular combines all three forms of distraction, making it one of the most dangerous distracted driving behaviors out there.

Visual distraction pulls our eyes from the road, manual distraction takes our hands off the wheel, and cognitive distraction takes our minds off driving. This deadly trio accounts for an alarming number of crashes and injuries each year. Studies have shown that even the mere act of listening to someone else speak on the phone while driving - without holding or dialing - results in a decrease in brain activation and consequently, a deterioration in driving performance.

Every Driver at Risk

Even the safest drivers can cause accident and injury due to cell phone use behind the wheel. Everyone is at risk when it comes to distracted driving. With an abundance of easily accessible technology available at our fingertips and an ever-growing increase of drivers on the road, the chances of being involved in a cell phone related car accident are on the rise. The CDC reports that driving at 55 mph, a single text message can take a driver’s eyes off the road long enough to cover the length of an entire football field. That is all it takes to be the victim of a distracted driving accident.

Consult with a Qualified Car Accident Attorney

Many states have and are continuing to enact laws that address cell phone use while driving, in an effort to prevent collision and injury. There is still a need for further study to combat such distracted driving behaviors, but the single best thing every driver can do to prevent a crash is to remain on the defense when behind the wheel. If you have been involved in a collision due to another driver's cell phone use, speak with a skilled Lake County car accident attorney right away. You will need to protect your rights in a court of law. Call Salvi & Maher, LLP at 847-662-3303 for a personal consultation.




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