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Common Delayed Mental and Physical Injuries from Car Accidents

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

car accident injuries, fear of driving, physical injuries, PTSD, Waukegan car accident attorneyOften times, those who are in car accidents do not necessarily experience injuries of any kind right away. Instead, the injuries may appear in the days, weeks, or even months following the accident. Common car accident injuries include both mental and physical injuries and can negatively affect the victim’s life.

Delayed Physical Injuries From Car Accidents

Individuals involved in a car crash may find that they feel the physical effects of the crash later on. Some of the physical injuries that result from car accidents include the following:

  • Shoulder or neck pain; stiffness. Whiplash is often the cause of pain in the shoulder and neck area. Whiplash occurs in cases of rear-end car accidents when the speed of the car is less than 14 miles per hour.
  • Abdominal pain or swelling. If an individual involved in a car accident experienced pain or swelling in the abdominal region, it may be the effect of internal bleeding.
  • Numbness. The loss of sensation or feeling in the hands or arms could be the result of whiplash.

Delayed Mental Injuries From Car Accidents

While physical injuries are often focused upon, mental injuries are just as common in car accidents. The following are ways in which individuals involved in car accidents may be emotionally affected:

  • Personality or mood change. Traumatic brain injury or a concussion are often the cause of changes in personality or mood. Happy-go-lucky individuals suddenly become irritable and angry for no apparent reason. Hearing and vision problems are also caused by traumatic brain injury.
  • Anxiety and fear of driving. Individuals who are involved in car crashes may experience anxiety and a phobia of driving. The phobia may hinder them from driving.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. A study conducted in 2001 by the University of Oxford found that at least one-third of all people involved in a car accident that was not fatal experienced depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. The accidents studied were not serious; however, the involved individuals still experienced mental illness. Individuals who feel anxious or depressed following a car accident should seek professional help.

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