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Driver and passenger flee scene of motorcycle accident

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Motorcycle Accidents

Running from trouble is usually never a good idea and will most likely lead to other consequences, sometimes even worse penalties than if a person did not flee. In addition to criminal penalties, the defendants could also face civil liabilities and claims.

Suspects in a recent motorcycle accident in Illinois may end up facing rather serious consequences. The accident occurred on a Sunday evening and resulted in two severe motorcycle injuries. According to law enforcement, a car was driving westbound at a fast speed when it allegedly lost control and hit another car. The speeding car then crossed the lane and struck a motorcycle travelling east on the roadway. Luckily, the couple on the motorcycle that was hit were both wearing helmets, but they both still suffered severe injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

It was reported that both the driver and passenger in the vehicle that struck the motorcycle took off running from the scene of the accident. As the local lieutenant stated, "if you are involved in an accident and choose to run, it only increases the number of charges you face." Fleeing could also be used to strengthen the case against the accused on the underlying charges.

The two suspects were eventually detained and held for questions. At the time of this report there were no arrests or charges made. However, the investigation is ongoing and the police will look into the circumstances surrounding this accident to determine what led to the crash. In addition, they will seek to understand whether negligence attributed to the accident.

Those involved in an accident that resulted in injuries and damages could file a personal injury claim, even if the suspected negligent party fled the scene of the accident or faces criminal charges. Compensation might be awarded and used to cover any expenses that resulted from the accident such as medical bills, damages and pain and suffering, and such a personal injury lawsuit would be independent of the criminal case.

Even if the case appears easy and it is clear that there was a negligent party, victims should ensure that there is a thorough investigation into the matter and all available evidence is brought forth. This might require that the injured contact a qualified professional to assist them with the process and inform them of all their options. The hope is that if the case is tried fairly, the injured party will receive the adequate compensation that they deserve.

Source: Central Illinois Proud, "Multiple Vehicle Accident Injures Two on Motorcycle, Suspects Leave Scene," Kim Behrens, June 30, 2013

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