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How Google’s Self-Driving Cars Teach Safe Driving

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

safe driving, self-driving cars, traffic accidents, Wheaton personal injury lawyer, autonomous technologyThe safety of vehicles with autonomous technology is being debated across the globe. Those who drive vehicles with autonomous technology oftentimes become too dependent on the vehicle—which can lead to catastrophic accidents. However, self-driving cars can teach drivers of any vehicle more about safer and better driving.

Certain “behaviors” and mechanisms were installed in self-driving cars to improve safety and prevent traffic accidents. Drivers can learn from such behaviors to avoid collisions while on the road.

The Behaviors of Autonomous Vehicles

Keep your eyes open. Self-driving vehicles such as Google’s driverless car constantly and consistently watch other vehicles, pedestrians, movements, objects, and all other activity on the road. Through its sharp observations, Google’s driverless car can predict what other drivers intend to do, not just where the other cars are currently located. For example, if it sees a cyclist that will need to get around a vehicle that is in front of it, the car will slow down or give the cyclist space.

This car’s behavior teaches drivers who operate vehicles devoid of any self-driving technology to observe and predict the future behaviors of other drivers and then act on those predictions. For example, if a car is driving right along the border of a lane, you can predict that it is most likely because the driver is just about to change lanes (even if his or her turn signal is not on). You can slow down and give the vehicle the space it needs to merge into your lane.

Look at the driver, not just his or her car. By observing the actual driver, not just his or her vehicle, you can anticipate sudden or quick movements. For example, if you see that the driver in front of you is looking at the lane you are about to merge into, wait to see what the driver does. You should also be on the lookout for distracted drivers and maintain a safe space from them.

Learn about the roads that surround you. Google’s self-driving vehicles use Google Maps to be aware of the direction of traffic when approaching an intersection and whether there are any upcoming traffic jams. Certain navigation apps can allow you to see the amount of traffic and the activity on the roads that you will not be using to get to your destination. Knowing how much traffic there will be a few miles ahead will give you time to slow down and, in turn, prevent a car accident.

Prioritize safety. Self-driving vehicles value safety over speed. To them, your safety is a more important priority than you reaching your destination quickly. Keep this in mind the next time you drive. Do you take unnecessary risks and speed while you drive, or do you place importance on your safety and the safety of others?

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