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Illinois considers change to DUI laws

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Drunk Driving Accidents

Illinois does not mess around with repeat drunk drivers. After a fourth conviction for DUI, the state permanently takes away a person&s driving privileges. The law makes sense for the most part because it keeps dangerous drivers off the roads, in theory.

But certain anti-drunk driving groups are hoping to change the law and do away with the permanent ban. The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists and Mothers Against Drunk Driving-Illinois believe that there is a better way to monitor these repeat offenders and keep roads safe.

The groups point out that even though Illinois may take away a person&s license, most of these people eventually get behind the wheel of a car anyway. A new bill addresses this concept and a state legislative committee voted recently to send the legislation to the Illinois House.

Under the proposed legislation, repeat offenders would essentially get another chance. The driver has the option to go through a formal hearing process to obtain a restricted license. The hearing would take place at the later of five years after the driver&s last offense or five years after the end of a sentence. The restricted license includes a car equipped with an interlock ignition device. This device would lock the car and prevent it from driving if the driver blew over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration.

Completion of a rehab program is also required under the proposed bill. Also, the second chance would not apply to drivers who killed someone in a drunk driving accident.

Continually changing DUI-laws to make Chicago and Illinois residents safe is admirable. But the laws may never keep every drunk driver off the road and eliminate every DUI accident. Victims who are injured due to a drunk driver&s negligent behavior can seek financial compensation from that driver.

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