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Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Another Speed Limit Increase on Interstates

Posted on in Speeding
Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,State Senator Jim Oberweis is the sponsor of a bill that would raise interstate speed limits to 75 mph. This concerns many traffic safety advocates who believe that speed is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents.

About the Proposed Law

The speed limit on Illinois interstates is 70 mph. Sen. Oberweis justifies his bill by arguing that 75 mph is a safe speed since the vast majority of people -- he says 85 percent -- drive that fast anyway. Sen. Oberweis, who has pushed for higher speed limits in the past, argues that accidents are not caused by speed but rather variation in speed. Also, he believes that having a speed limit that few follow “breeds further disregard of laws.” The bill also proposes raising the speed limit on non-urban, non-interstate roads from 55 to 60 mph.

Opponents of the Bill

Many accident experts associate higher speed limits with having a negative effect on roadway safety, however. Higher speeds add to the risks drivers must face and manage. Another new risk for drivers are distractions brought by cell phones and in-car technology. Traffic safety experts say that limiting exposure to risks of all types helps increase highway safety.

Illinois’ Troubling Accident Statistics

Illinois traffic deaths are up from five years ago. Increased speed limits are thought to be one of the causes for the increased number of fatalities. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration says that about one-third of all roadway fatalities are speeding-related.

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