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Busy Illinois Intersections Prove to Be Hot Spots for Pedestrian Accidents

Posted on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 in Pedestrian Accidents

Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,Motorists and pedestrians alike seem to encounter more vehicle accidents during peak traffic times, at the busiest locations. This trend is understandable as there are more cars on the roads, all operating in the same vicinity, which equal more chances for collision and injury. The state of Illinois seems to experience a steady flow of pedestrian accidents at certain intersections in particular, which leads to a greater need for awareness and collision prevention efforts in these hot spot areas.

Dangerous Intersection Findings

Illustrating the problem with major intersections and their tendency to contribute to crash statistics, the Chicago Tribune gave an example of this very real danger with reports that show a number of pedestrian fatalities in the Chicago area alone, all of which occurred at major intersections throughout the city. Crash data was pulled from the Illinois Department of Transportation, in which roughly 800 residents were surveyed. As a result, the region’s most dangerous intersections were discovered.

According to this data, the publication reported that the top three most dangerous intersections in Chicago included the Milwaukee/Damen/North area, the Cicero and Chicago avenues on the West Side, and Halsted Street/Lincoln Avenue/Fullerton Parkway in the Lincoln Park area. Dangerous suburb intersections included McCormick Boulevard and Touhy Avenue in Skokie, as well as U.S. Route 12 and Cermak Road in Westchester.

Why Accidents Are So Common at Intersections

Most of the time, when pedestrians are struck or vehicles strike other vehicles at intersections, this is due to poor visibility or driver inattention. Failure to use proper designated crosswalks is a common cause for accident and injury at major intersections, as is the tendency to use them incorrectly, such as ignoring the countdown signals. There is also greater danger when the crosswalks themselves need to have stronger markings; faded lines or poor paint markings often make it difficult for both drivers and pedestrians to see pathways. When these factors are combined with heavy traffic, additional distracted driving behaviors such as texting or talking on the phone only increase the danger these major intersections present.

We must all play our part in preventing accident and injury on Illinois roadways, paying special attention to the threats that lurk around major intersections. Should you find yourself injured due to a crash that took place at an intersection or on any Illinois roadway, contact a professional Lake County car accident attorney to ensure you understand your rights following the crash. Call Salvi & Maher, LLP today at 847-662-3303 for a free consultation.


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