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How Driving Slowly in the Left Lane Can Cause Accidents

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

Illinios accident lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illnois personal injury attorney,Traffic accidents are a significant issue in Illinois. In 2015 alone, there were more than 313,000 motor vehicle crashes.

There are several state laws that address the issue, but one law stands out from among the rest — the prohibition of driving in the left lane except for overtaking and passing other vehicles. The reason Illinois and a few other states have enacted this law is because it is believed that driving slower than the speed of traffic in the left lane can lead to accidents.

Driving slower than other drivers while in the left lane can cause traffic accidents because when slow drivers are in the left and right lanes of a highway, faster drivers have to maneuver between the cars and change lanes several times, which increase the likelihood of an accident.

In addition, when faster drivers are trying to maneuver through slow traffic, they are more likely to speed up when passing slower drivers. This can cause the faster vehicles to make sudden, quick brakes which can potentially lead to rear-end collisions.

Road rage is another factor. If stubborn or indifferent drivers in the left lane refuse to move into the right lane to allow faster, tailgating vehicles to pass, incidents of road rage can occur.

And research shows that slow driving in the left lane can cause traffic incidents. Studies reveal that when vehicles in the left lane are going five miles per hour slower than traffic, an accident is more likely to occur than when a driver goes five miles per hour faster than traffic.

It is essential to note that even if drivers in the fast lane are maintaining the speed limit, driving slower than the average speed of current traffic can still result in accidents.

Reacting to Slow Drivers

Do not allow stress and frustration to negatively impact your driving. If you are driving in the left lane and a vehicle in front of you is driving at a slower pace than your speed and/or the average speed of traffic, you should carefully change lanes, pass the vehicle, and move back into the left lane. When you take these actions, evaluate their potential safety risks and avoid tailgating cars or speeding up too quickly.

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Oftentimes, tailgating a slower vehicle can cause a rear-end collision. If you were involved in a traffic accident or car crash, contact a skilled Lake County car accident attorney at Salvi & Maher, LLP. We can help you pursue compensation for any injuries you sustained in the accident and for any damage to your vehicle. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 847-622-3303.






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