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New Monitoring System Could Reduce Illinois Uninsured Driver Accidents

 Posted on June 11, 2021 in Car Accidents

IL accident lawyerAccording to recent estimates, more than 10 percent of Illinois drivers lack the liability insurance required by state law. When one of these uninsured drivers causes a car accident resulting in property damage—or worse, bodily injury—it can make the process of recovering compensation more difficult for the victims. Fortunately, Illinois government is taking steps to address the problem of uninsured drivers, including implementing a new electronic verification system to identify drivers who violate the state’s mandatory car insurance laws.

How Does the Car Insurance Verification System Work?

The Illinois Secretary of State’s new Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS), goes into effect on July 1, 2021. All vehicles registered in Illinois will be subject to at least two annual checks, conducted at random intervals throughout the year, to determine whether they are covered by an active liability insurance policy. The verifications will be conducted automatically using records from auto insurance providers throughout the state.

If the office of the Secretary of State is unable to verify a vehicle’s insurance coverage automatically, the driver will be sent a letter requiring them to provide proof of insurance coverage within 30 days. If the driver cannot furnish proof, the vehicle’s registration will be suspended, and the driver will not be legally permitted to drive it until they obtain liability insurance and pay a reinstatement fee of $100.

How Will This Affect My Personal Injury Case?

The intent of this new policy is to further discourage drivers from going without insurance by making it clear that they could be subject to verification at any time. If more drivers obtain insurance as a result of the ILIVS system, there is a greater chance that a driver who causes an accident will at least have the minimum liability insurance required under state law. In most cases, this liability insurance is the primary source of compensation for injury victims who file a claim.

In Illinois, the minimum liability insurance limit is $25,000 for the injury of one person, which may be sufficient to cover all of your damages in the case of relatively minor injuries. If your damages exceed the other driver’s liability limits, you may be able to recover additional compensation through your own underinsured motorist coverage. Of course, if the other driver still lacks insurance entirely, you can file an uninsured motorist claim with your car insurance provider.

Contact a Lake County Car Accident Lawyer

Though new laws and policies may better protect drivers from uninsured motorists, securing the compensation you deserve for your injuries can still be a challenge. At Salvi & Maher, L.L.C., we will review your case and determine the best way for you to fully recover your damages, and we can represent you in negotiations or litigation with the other driver or disputes with your insurance provider. Contact a Waukegan personal injury attorney today for a free consultation by calling 847-662-3303.







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