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Practicing Safety at Railroad Crossings

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Train Accidents

railroad crossings, train accidents, Waukegan personal injury attorney, train crossings, railroad accidentsTrain crossings can be incredibly dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Trains have massive size and weight in comparison to cars. In fact, a train hitting a car is comparable to a car hitting a can of soda.

Due to this huge size difference, train accidents are 40 times more likely to result in someone’s death than car accidents.

The state of Illinois has over 7,000 miles of train tracks, and it ranks second in the United States in fatalities involving collisions between trains and vehicles and seventh in fatalities involving pedestrians.

In order to avoid railroad accidents, it is important to practice proper safety at railroad crossings by following these tips:

  1. Obey railroad crossing signals - Watch for flashing lights and warning bells, and always stop when a train is approaching or crossing the road. Stop as soon as the signal begins flashing or the gate lowers; do not try to cross ahead of a train.

  2. Watch for multiple trains - If a crossing includes multiple sets of train tracks, watch for a second train that may be approaching in either direction after the first train passes.

  3. Watch for overhanging loads - Trains often carry large loads, and chains or straps that secure these loads can extend beyond the width of the train’s cars. Avoid being struck by these large loads by making sure you do not stop your car too close to train tracks, and do not walk or stand near moving trains.

  4. Never trespass on train tracks, bridges, or tunnels - Trespassing on train tracks is illegal and incredibly dangerous. Trespassers risk being seriously injured or killed. Pedestrians should only cross train tracks at legal crossings.

  5. Never climb on train cars - Stopped trains can move at any time, and anyone who is on or near a train car when a train moves could lose a limb or his or her life.

  6. Look for safety information signs - As of September 1, 2017, the Federal Railroad Administration requires all train crossings to have standardized blue signs which provide a phone number that can be called to report problems or emergencies. If there are any obstructions or safety issues at a railroad crossing, call this number to report them.

  7. Never stop your car on train tracks - If your car stalls while crossing train tracks, exit and get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible. Call 911 for assistance and call the emergency number to report the issue.

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