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Are You Required to Provide Aid After a Car Accident?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

Good Samaritan Act, Lake County personal injury lawyer, render aid, car accident injuries, Car accidentA car accident can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and even bystanders.

Whether collisions are major or minor, people often suffer injuries, and in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to determine the best ways to provide them with emergency medical assistance. However, both drivers and bystanders should be aware of their rights and responsibilities in these situations.

The Duty to Render Aid

Illinois law requires a driver who is involved in a car accident in which an injury occurred to provide “reasonable assistance” to the person who was injured. This assistance can include calling 911, administering first aid, or providing transportation to a medical facility.

A driver who fails to render aid to someone injured in a car accident can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.

Good Samaritan Laws Protect Bystanders

While drivers involved in accidents are required to render aid, this duty does not apply to bystanders or people who witness an accident. Bystanders have no legal requirement to provide aid to people who are injured, unless they have a special relationship with the person who needs aid (such as a parent/child or property owner/guest relationship). However, if a bystander begins to render aid and stops before aid is complete, or if he or she provides improper aid, then he or she may be held liable for damages.

Illinois’ Good Samaritan Act provides additional protections to trained medical professionals who provide aid in emergency situations, ensuring that they cannot be held liable for civil damages in these cases. These protections apply to doctors, nurses, people certified in first aid, and people who have been trained to administer CPR. This law ensures that people who have been trained in medicine will be able to provide help in an emergency without fear of legal repercussions.

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If you have been involved in a car accident in which someone was injured, or if you were a witness to an accident injury, you should be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities. The attorneys at Salvi & Maher, LLP can investigate your situation and advocate for you in court as you seek to receive compensation for any injuries you have suffered. Contact a Lake County personal injury lawyer at 847-662-3303 to schedule a free consultation.





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