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Red Light Cameras: A Blessing or a Curse for Drivers?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,All across the country, cameras are being installed at various intersections to catch drivers who run red lights. At first glimpse, the concept seems like a good one. The idea behind red light cameras is to help decrease speeding behaviors and reduce the number of car accidents by catching and ticketing those who fail to abide by highway limits, but sadly in an effort to curb the number of accidents and injuries that result from speeding through intersections, red light cameras tend to cause more problems. The Red Light Camera Program Debate Not only do many drivers report that red light cameras are rigged against them and that they are ticketed unjustly, but more and more people are actually being injured because of red light camera installation. Many drivers stop short to avoid being caught, while others attempt to speed up to run the light before it turns red, only to hit the brakes at the last minute when they realize they are too late. A study done several years ago by the Federal Highway Administration revealed a 15 percent increase in rear-end incidents due to red light cameras, despite their success with decreasing the number of front-to-side collisions. Along with arguments that revolve around the dishonest use of the cameras to generate state revenue, other concerns have mounted in recent years over the overall effectiveness of red light camera programs. Many legislators argue the programs fail to deliver on safety claims from many angles, stating that yellow light intervals at city intersections fall dangerously short and do not line up with national standards. These concerns, combined with rear-end collision spikes only intensify the debate: Are red light cameras a gift or are they really just another safety risk? Common Accidents and Injuries While rear-end incidents tend to be some of the most common collision types seen among red light camera related accidents, pedestrian injuries are also a problem, as it is not uncommon for pedestrians to be struck as they cross intersections. Drivers and their passengers often experience whiplash, knee, neck, and back pain injuries as a result of being involved in a red light camera accident. No matter how minor, one small injury can lead to weeks, months, or years of residual pain, as the effects of any collision can carry on or reemerge over time.

If you have been in a collision due to a red light camera at an intersection, you need to contact a qualified Lake County car accident attorney to secure proper legal representation. Do not miss out on financial compensation that might be due to you for the pain and suffering you endure after the accident. Call Salvi & Maher, LLP today at 847-662-3303 for a personal consultation.

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