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Signs of an Impaired Driver

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Drunk Driving Accidents

Illinios auto accident lawyer, Illinois car crash attorney, Illnois personal injury attorney,Out of the countless causes for car accidents and injuries on the roadways, intoxicated and fatigued driving are among the most tragic, as they are entirely preventable. In a perfect world, no one would ever get behind the wheel when they have been drinking or when they are too tired to drive, but sadly, such choices are made every day, placing everyone on the roadways at risk.

Protecting Yourself on the Road

While most of these collision cases involve drivers who made the choice to drive when they were too tired and shouldn’t have, some fatigue-related cases are unfortunately due to legitimate, undiagnosed sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. Others are the result of having to work late-night or excessively long hours.

Whatever the reason for tiredness behind the wheel, it is never okay for a driver to operate a vehicle when they are unable to remain alert, focused, or when they have been consuming alcohol. We cannot prevent tired drivers from getting behind the wheel on a daily basis, but we can remain proactive and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves on the roadways we all share. Being observant is key.

You can easily spot an impaired driver when you notice any of the following behaviors:

Lane Drifting

A dead giveaway that a driver is too tired or too intoxicated to drive is lane drifting. If you notice that a nearby driver is lazily drifting from lane to lane or is unable to stay on a straight path in their current lane is a sign that something is wrong. Swerving as they drift along the roadway is another notable warning sign, indicating that they are likely experiencing reduced coordination and are having difficulty processing information or tracking moving objects.

Difficulty Controlling Speed

Trouble controlling speed can mean many things, including driving too fast, driving too slow, or bouncing between one extreme speed to another over a length of time. If you notice a car nearby with a strange speed pattern, it is wise to keep a safe distance from the car and observe it further. Be ready to report the driver if they demonstrate any other signs of risky driving behavior.

Hitting Roadside Rumble Strips

Along with drifting lanes, swerving off the roadway entirely is a surefire sign that a driver is not alert enough to be operating a vehicle. If you see a car veer off to the side of the road and hit the rumble strips area, immediately distance yourself from the car and report the driver before they hurt themselves or anyone else around them.

Should you discover you are the victim of an impaired driver collision, it is important you protect your rights in a court of law and pursue the compensation that is due to you for any pain or suffering you endure. Speak with a knowledgeable Lake County car accident attorney to protect your rights in a court of law. Call Salvi & Maher, LLP today at 847-662-3303 for a personal consultation.




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