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Signs That a Driver Is Impaired By Drugs

 Posted on September 29, 2021 in Drunk Driving Accidents

IL injury lawyerRight after a car accident, you may be under stress and not thinking clearly, especially if you are hurt. Even so, you will probably still notice immediately if the other driver is under the influence of alcohol. Drunk drivers typically smell like alcohol and may be stumbling or slurring their words. But what if the other driver is impaired by a drug other than alcohol? This may be less apparent, especially when you are still reeling from a crash. If you suspect that the driver who hurt you is intoxicated, you should mention this to the police when they take a report. Then, you should call a qualified attorney as soon as you can.

What Are Some Signs That a Driver is Impaired by Drugs?

Unlike a drunk driver, a driver who is “high,” or under the influence of another drug may be slightly less obvious. While alcohol - and cannabis - have distinctive smells that are easily recognizable to most people, this is not the case for all drugs. Prescription pain pills, for example, have no odor. Here are some signs that a careless driver may be under the influence of a drug:

  • Drowsiness - Drivers who were simply tired from lack of sleep or a long day usually seem wide awake after a crash. A driver who was using drugs will still appear drowsy, or even appear to be falling asleep after a crash.
  • Excessive Agitation - While it is not uncommon for sober drivers to be angry after a crash - even if they caused it - a driver who has been using stimulants, such as methamphetamine or cocaine, may seem excessively agitated or jumpy. Always keep your safety in mind when dealing with a person who is acting aggressively towards you.
  • Eyes and Nose - A lot of different things can cause red eyes and a runny nose, but combined with other signs of intoxication, this could indicate recent drug use. Some drugs cause pupils to dilate or shrink. Also, beware of drivers who are wearing sunglasses when it is cloudy or dark out - they may be concealing their eyes for a reason.
  • Resists a Police Report - An intoxicated driver may seem desperate to stop you from calling the police to come take a report because they fear being arrested for DUI. Police officers are trained to recognize signs of drug impairment and may notice signs the average person would miss. An intoxicated driver may even try bribing you to not call the police - do not accept. Always insist on filing a police report.

Call a Lake County Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured by a driver who may have been intoxicated, you should call a lawyer as soon as you can. The experienced attorneys at Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. will work to determine whether the other driver’s impairment contributed to the crash. The sooner you speak to a Waukegan car accident attorney after a car crash, the better the evidence can be preserved, and the stronger your case could be. Call 847-662-3303 today for a free consultation and find out what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.




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