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The Importance of Motorcycle Maintenance 

Posted on in Personal Injury Lawsuits

chicago motorcycle crash lawyerLake County Chief Deputy Coroner recently identified a 39-year-old man and father who was killed after his motorcycle broke down and he was struck by a 2021 Chevrolet Trax SUV. The man’s street-legal 2018 Kawasaki Z125 Pro experienced some kind of mechanical issue that forced him to slow down or stop on Green Bay Road, where the fatal collision occurred.

This story should serve as an important reminder to all motorcyclists that a significant number of motorcycle accidents tend to involve bikes that end up failing their owners while they are being ridden. People who ride motorcycles regularly, especially during the winter, are going to need to make sure their bikes are in top of the line condition so they do not encounter any kinds of issues that can lead to a fatal accident.

Common Kinds of Motorcycle Issues

When it comes to maintaining your motorcycle, you need to be aware of a few important areas not to overlook. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends riders follow the T-CLOCS inspection method, which stands for Tires and wheels, Controls, Lights and electrics, Oil and other fluids, Chassis, and Stands.

Some of the specific concerns for motorcyclists will include:

  • Contaminated Fuel — Gas always has a limited shelf life, so people taking out the motorcycles several months after last riding them may be dealing with contaminated fuel. If fuel does become contaminated, it can easily clog up your system and slow down your bike. You may want to consider a fuel stabilizing additive to prevent clogs.

  • Low Battery — Another possible issue with not riding often can be battery life, and a battery can die quickly when a motorcycle is not ridden often. Improperly installed electrical components or excess electrical components, corroded terminals, and vibrating cables can all be possible battery issues.

  • Clutch Issues — A clutch is always predisposed to wear and tear, but it needs to be in working condition on a motorcycle because bad ones can affect gear changes on the road. It can also lead to an inability to shift completely in an emergency.

  • Worn Tires — Most people like to think they can accurately gauge the health of tires just by looking at them, but motorcyclists should be honest with themselves about sounds they hear on the road that might be tire issues.

  • Electrical Issues — Many motorcycles have an assortment of electrical components these days, and any one of these elements failing could cause a wreck. Always take your motorcycle to your mechanic to review that everything is in good working order.

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