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Three Ways Improperly Stored Cargo Can Lead to Truck Accidents in Illinois 

 Posted on March 21, 2024 in Truck Accidents

Waukegan, Il truck accident lawyerTruck accidents in Illinois can have devastating, sometimes even fatal, consequences. One common cause of these destructive accidents is improperly stored cargo in the truck. When cargo is not secured or stored correctly, it can lead to dangerous situations on the road. If you were injured in an accident involving an improperly loaded truck, you have rights you need to be aware of. Contact an injury attorney in Illinois to get the assistance you require.

Here Are the Ways Poorly Loaded Trucks Can Cause Accidents 

  1. Shifted cargo and loss of control – Improperly stored cargo can shift during transit, causing the truck to become unbalanced. This can lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle, especially when making sharp turns or sudden stops. This can result in serious accidents, including rollovers or collisions with other vehicles on the road. Truck drivers and companies must ensure cargo is secured correctly and distributed within the truck to prevent such accidents.

  2. Falling debris and road hazards – Another risk of improperly stored truck cargo is the possibility of debris falling onto the road. Loose items or improperly secured cargo can drop off the truck, creating hazardous road conditions for other drivers. Falling debris from trucks can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Trucking companies must take measures to secure their cargo properly to prevent such incidents and protect the safety of all road users.

  3. Reduced visibility and blind spots – Improperly stored cargo can obstruct the driver’s visibility and create blind spots around the truck. This can make it difficult for the driver to see other vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles on the road, increasing the risk of accidents. Reduced visibility due to improperly stored cargo is a significant concern, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. Truck drivers must ensure their cargo is loaded in a way that maintains optimal visibility and minimizes blind spots to prevent accidents on the road.

Contact Our Lake County, IL Truck Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

There is no question that properly storing truck cargo is imperative to preventing accidents on Illinois roads. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and poorly loaded truck accidents still can and will happen. If you have been injured in an accident involving poorly loaded trucks, contact the experienced Waukegan, IL truck accident attorneys with Salvi & Maher, LLP. Call 847-662-3303 for a free consultation. 

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