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Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

safe driving, Waukegan car accident attorneys, holiday driving, safe car trip, car accidentsDuring the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve holidays, millions of Americans and their families embark on the road. An estimated 47 million people traveled 50 miles or more on Thanksgiving day. This year, the number is expected to be even higher.

Whether it be going on vacation or to your family’s house, keep in mind the following tips for a safe and fun car trip:

  1. If you are traveling long distance, make sure your vehicle is well-equipped and in good condition. If need be, clean out your car and have the oil changed.

  1. Check the weather forecast and traffic conditions. Knowing what to expect and what roads to avoid can ensure the safest trip possible.

  1. Bring an extra cell phone charger. In case of an accident, mechanical failure, or poor weather conditions, you may need to call road assistance or emergency services.

  1. Store an emergency road kit in your vehicle. Your kit should include extra winter clothing gear, flashlights, a small shovel, nonperishable food, and water.

  1. Map your route before embarking on your trip. Have the address of your destination set in your GPS or navigation system. This way, you will not be scrambling to know if you need to take the upcoming exit or turn.

  1. If you are traveling with children, keep them occupied and busy. Bored and fussy children can lead to them fighting and yelling which can distract the driver. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents.

  1. Avoid overloading the trunk. If there are passengers sitting in the backseat of the vehicle, you should avoid jamming the back of the trunk with suitcases, gifts, or other goods. Objects may fall onto the passengers sitting in the back.

  1. Try to travel earlier if you can. If possible, travel on the morning of the holiday such as Thanksgiving morning and the morning of Christmas Eve day. It would be even more desirable if you could travel the day before Thanksgiving to avoid the traffic congestion that will occur on turkey day.

  1. Take enough breaks. If you are driving long-distance, make sure to take a break every two hours or less. If possible, take turns driving with someone else. That way, the driver will not be fatigued or stressed out—ensuring a safe trip for all.

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