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The use of red light camera photo enforcement as a tool to prevent auto accidents is not a new concept. This technology has been around for years, beginning with the first bill being signed for the effort in New York City in 1993. Over the years, countless states and counties have adopted red light cameras as a means to prevent accidents at intersections and to keep tabs on the rate and severity of collisions that take place. In fact, many Illinois car accident attorneys have found them helpful in their investigations.

What are Red Light Cameras?

Red light cameras are automated traffic enforcement systems designed to capture and monitor vehicles that run red lights at intersections. These cameras are strategically positioned to capture clear images and videos of vehicles entering an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. The primary goal of red light cameras is to improve road safety by deterring and penalizing drivers who disregard traffic signals, ultimately reducing the risk of collisions and enhancing pedestrian and driver safety.


Waukegan injury lawyerAs a parent or guardian, your child's safety and well-being are paramount. When your child attends school, you trust that the educational institution will provide a safe and nurturing environment. However, serious accidents caused by negligence can occur at schools just like they can anywhere else. If your child has suffered an injury due to the negligence of a school or its staff, you may wonder if you can pursue legal action. In Illinois, it's possible to sue a school for negligence, but certain conditions must be met. To better understand the laws and your available options, it's best to meet with a Waukegan injury lawyer as soon as possible after learning of your child's injury.

Establishing Negligence

To pursue a negligence claim against a school in Illinois, you need to demonstrate four key elements:

  • Duty of Care: You must establish that the school owed a duty of care to your child. Schools have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their students while under their supervision.


Common Premises Liability Injuries 

Posted on Thursday, 10 August 2023 in Premises Liability

Richmond Premises Liability Injury LawyerWhen we step onto someone else's property, whether it's a store, a friend's house, or a public place, we often take for granted that the environment will be safe. However, accidents can happen anywhere, and if they occur due to the property owner's negligence, it typically falls under the legal concept of premises liability. In these instances, it's best to discuss your accident and injuries with a skilled Richmond premises liability injury lawyer.

Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility that property owners and occupants have to ensure their premises are safe for visitors. Premises liability injuries have legal implications for both property owners and injured parties. Here are some of the most common premise liability accidents and injuries in Illinois. 

Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are among the most prevalent types of premises liability injuries. These occur when a person loses their balance due to slippery or uneven surfaces. This could be a wet floor in a supermarket, a poorly maintained walkway, or icy steps. 


Libertyville Dog Bite AttorneyDog bites can be emotionally distressing and sometimes lead to severe injuries, making addressing the incident promptly and responsibly essential. Like in many other places, dog bite incidents are subject to specific reporting requirements in certain cities in Illinois. Understanding these requirements is crucial to ensure the safety of all parties involved and to navigate the legal implications that may arise from such incidents. Suppose you or someone you love was bitten by a dog in Libertyville or the surrounding areas. In that case, it's essential to hire a Libertyville dog bite attorney who understands the laws surrounding dog bite reporting in this state and can fight for your rights. You'll find that attorney at Salvi & Maher, LLP.

Illinois Dog Bite Laws

Illinois follows a strict liability statute concerning dog bites, commonly referred to as the "one-bite" rule. This means that a dog's owner can be held responsible for injuries caused by their dog, even if the dog has not previously shown aggressive behavior or bitten anyone. The owner can be held liable for damages if their dog attacks or injures another person, with few exceptions.

Reporting a Dog Bite

Illinois has no specific state law mandating that individuals report a dog bite to the authorities. However, some cities and municipalities require it, like Libertyville. Reporting a dog bite is still strongly encouraged and serves several essential purposes:


Untitled-77.jpgA wrongful death claim in Illinois allows a surviving spouse, children, and family members to ask for financial relief from the at-fault party. These cases are pursued against liable parties whose intentional actions, negligence, or medical malpractice resulted in death. This article identifies the people related to the deceased who can file a lawsuit. We also share an overview of what you need to initiate the legal process.


Surviving Spouse 

A surviving spouse typically files wrongful death claims. In such cases, the court allows them to ask for compensatory damages for the medical expenses and other services needed to treat the fatal injuries of their deceased partner. 


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