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IL injury lawyerIn the moments after a bad car accident, the last thing on a person’s mind is medical bills. However, many car accident victims find themselves overwhelmed by medical expenses following a wreck. Between the initial emergency room treatment and ongoing medical needs, the medical costs resulting from car crash injuries can be extremely burdensome.

If you or a loved one were recently injured in a car accident, you may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

Seeking Reimbursement After an Accident

When another party’s actions cause someone to be injured, that party may be liable for monetary damages through a personal injury claim. Injurious car accidents may be caused by drunk drivers, drivers who are looking down at their phones, speeding, and many other factors. Sometimes, the at-fault party is a trucking company or other commercial business. If the crash was caused by a defective product such as defective brakes or steering mechanisms, the company that manufactured, designed, or sold the product may be liable.


My Neighbor’s Dog Bit Me. Can I Sue?

Posted on in Premises Liability

IL injury lawyerMost dogs are lovable, furry companions. Unfortunately, not all dogs live up to this reputation. Dog attacks can leave victims with horrible injuries including facial lacerations, damage to the hands and fingers, and deep puncture wounds. Because dogs’ saliva is teeming with bacteria and other pathogens, dog bites injuries can also become dangerously infected. Sometimes, dog attacks are even fatal – especially when the victim is a child. If you or a loved one were bitten by a dog, you may wonder if you can sue the dog’s owner. The answer to that question varies, but in most cases, it is possible to sue a negligent dog owner for dog attack injuries.

Illinois Law Regarding Dog Attacks

States handle dog bite liability differently. In some states, a dog owner is not responsible for dog-related injuries unless he or she knew that the dog was aggressive. These are sometimes called “one-bite” states because the owner often avoids liability for a first-time dog attack. Illinois is not a one-bite state. In Illinois, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs if:

  • The victim was on public property such as a park or public sidewalk or lawfully on private property at the time of the attack
  • The injuries were caused by the dog
  • The victim did not provoke the dog

Put another way, as long as you were not intentionally provoking the dog or trespassing, the dog owner is most likely liable for dog bite injuries. In Illinois, dog owners are also liable for non-bite injuries caused by a dog. For example, if a dog knocks you to the ground and you sustain a traumatic brain injury, the dog owner may be liable.


IL injury lawyerThe death of a family member can come as a huge shock – especially if the death was caused by a sudden accident. Car crashes, truck accidents, work accidents, and other unexpected accidents can turn your life upside down. While the death of a loved one is heartbreaking regardless of the circumstances, losing your loved one in a preventable accident is especially tragic.

Fortunately, Illinois civil law allows individuals to bring legal actions on their loved one's behalf. If your parent, child, spouse, or other family member died because of another party’s actions, you may be able to file a wrongful death action and seek justice.

What is Considered a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is a death caused by another party’s negligent or intentional actions. Negligence occurs when a party owes a duty of care, fails to fulfill that duty of care, and the failure causes injury or death.


IL injury lawyerSince the COVID-19 pandemic first began a few years ago, the number of people using alternative means for travel has significantly increased. Recreational vehicles are popular and the more that are on the road, the higher the likelihood of an RV accident taking place can be. Knowing how to properly maintain your RV and the safety precautions that should be taken are imperative to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Common Causes of RV Accidents

RVs tend to be more prone to accidents simply because of the size and weight of the vehicle. A few additional variables to always keep in mind when traveling include:

  • Speeding - Being aware of your speed at all times should always be a priority when driving an RV, give yourself additional time and space to stop.
  • Inexperienced Driving - Since no special license is required to operate an RV, the majority of RV drivers are inexperienced. This can lead to poor judgment and the wrong decisions being made on the road.
  • Blind Spots - Blind spots can be challenging when changing lanes or turning because of the contrasting blind spots you typically find on smaller vehicles.
  • High Winds - Sideway winds are the most dangerous, whether you are parked or driving on the road. Always be aware of wind speeds and the risk of driving in them.
  • Overloaded Loaded RVs - Overloading an RV is not only against the law but the driver could be held liable in the event of an accident if the vehicle is overloaded.

Maintaining your Recreational Vehicle

Knowing the safety checks to complete before getting behind the wheel is essential for keeping all travelers safe. Even though you may be renting an RV, you should perform a safety check prior to traveling each time. Basic checks may seem minor and tedious, but it can help keep you safe while on the road. Some of the safety measures that should always be considered include:


IL injury lawyerBeing in a car accident places an enormous amount of force on the occupants’ bodies. Bones break, ligaments snap, and sharp edges of the car’s interior cause lacerations and bruises. Some car accident injuries heal in a few weeks or months. Others leave the victims with long-lasting or permanent loss of functioning. Back injuries, including herniated disks, spinal cord injuries, and fractured vertebrae, are especially debilitating. If you or a loved one suffered a back injury in a car crash, you may be able to seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim. The amount of compensation you may recover depends on the nature of your injuries, how the injuries impact your earning capacity, and other factors.

Recovering Financial Compensation for Medical Bills After a Wreck

Whether a crash is caused by a drunk driver, a tire defect, or another reason, the victims of the crash may be left with painful, debilitating injuries. These injuries usually require extensive medical treatment which can lead to massive medical bills. Fortunately, car accident victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses. If you suffered a back injury in a crash, you may be compensated for expenses related to:

  • Emergency room and hospital treatment
  • Surgery
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Wheelchairs, crutches, or other assistive devices
  • Medications
  • Ongoing medical treatment, including physical therapy

Lost Income and Lost Earning Capacity Caused by a Back Injury

Back injuries are not only painful, but they may also prevent the sufferer from being able to complete job duties. If you suffered a back injury in a car accident, you may be entitled to your lost income from missed work. If you can no longer work at all or must take a lower-paying job due to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost earning potential.

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