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Wheaton Daycare Accident Lawyers

Wheaton Daycare Accident Lawyers

Attorneys Representing Children Injured at Child Care Centers In DuPage County

When parents place their children in the care of a daycare center or other child care facility, they expect them to be well cared for, including being kept safe from harm. While everyone understands that accidents happen, and children are sometimes prone to scrapes, bumps, and bruises, sometimes the injuries that children receive while under the care of daycare facility staff go beyond minor incidents and enter the realm of negligence.

If your child has been injured at a daycare center, you may be able to seek compensation that will help your family address your ongoing needs, including the costs of medical care and rehabilitation, as well as the pain and suffering your children and family have experienced. At Salvi & Maher, LLP, our skilled attorneys have more than 85 years of combined experience helping clients recover damages in personal injury and premises liability cases, and we can help your family get the compensation you deserve.

Injuries Caused By Daycare Negligence

Child care providers have a duty to care for and protect the children who are under their supervision, and when they fail to live up to that responsibility, children can suffer serious injuries. Potential injuries that can result from the negligence of daycare center staff include:

  • Slip and fall accidents resulting from wet floors or unsecured stairwells
  • Children being dropped or falling from cribs or changing tables
  • Injuries from defective playground equipment
  • Allergic reactions to foods or medicines
  • Exposure to poisonous chemicals or other toxic substances
  • Choking on food, toys, or other small objects
  • Children being allowed to use or play with unsafe or age-inappropriate objects, such as scissors or staplers
  • A child wandering away due to lack of supervision or unsecured gates or fences
  • Drowning
  • Children being hurt by unsecured shelves, ladders, or other objects

In the worst cases, children may be the victim of neglect, as when a provider fails to provide food, administer medication, or change diapers, or they may experience verbal, physical, or sexual abuse. In these cases, the person who committed these crimes may be held responsible for their actions, but the daycare center management or staff may also be held liable for failure to perform proper background checks or act on reports of inappropriate behavior by their employees or other parents.

Contact a McHenry County Daycare Abuse Attorney

If your child has been injured while at daycare, you should speak to the attorneys at Salvi & Maher, LLP as soon as possible. We can help you understand whether the child care provider breached their duty of care and work with you to determine your best options for recovering compensation. We offer free consultations, and we will only collect attorneys' fees if you collect compensation. Contact us online or by calling 847-662-3303. From our offices in Libertyville, Waukegan, Chicago, and Richmond, we serve clients throughout DuPage County, Cook County, Lake County, and McHenry County.

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If you or a member of your family has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact our office. Call 847-662-3303 to set up a free initial consultation at one of our four convenient locations. There is no risk because we only collect fees if you collect compensation. With offices in Libertyville, Waukegan, Richmond, and Chicago, we represent clients in Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, and McHenry County.

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