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Why Use the Justice System

Putting Justice to Work When You Have Been Injured

People are often hesitant to employ the justice system to resolve a dispute with an insurance company or to make sure that their family has vital financial resources. Perhaps they do not want to be seen as litigious. Perhaps they fear it will be too expensive. Perhaps they just do not trust a lawyer to take care of them.

Insurance companies have extensive legal guidance at their disposal. Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your interests is the best way to fight large insurance companies.

At the Lake County, Illinois law office of Salvi & Maher, LLP, we strive to dispel some of the myths about personal injury litigation and the American justice system. We work with clients across Illinois every day to recover full and fair compensation for legitimate personal injury cases.

You Have a Right to Justice — That Is Why the System Was Built

The reality is that the justice system exists to help you when you have suffered an injury caused by someone else's negligence or error. You have rights, but if you do not take the first step to protect them, then no one else will.

Our system is based on the concept that if someone causes an injury through negligence, then the injury victim does not have to pay for the consequences of that injury. It is a free-market approach that usually involves recovering compensation from the responsible person's insurance company. The advantages of this system are that:

  • It protects the injured person.
  • It provides a way for people to get sound medical care.
  • It offers a method for resolving disputes.
  • It encourages people not to be negligent.

At Salvi & Maher, LLP, we believe in the work we do and the positive effect it can have on people who have needlessly suffered a serious injury. Much of the propaganda used to discourage people from protecting their rights in the justice system is unwarranted, and our attorneys work every day to demonstrate the best qualities of the system by advocating for our clients.

When you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, workplace accident, dog bite, or premises liability accident, you have a right to financial recovery to pay for those damages. It is not personal or irresponsible — this is, after all, the reason that people pay premiums for insurance coverage. It is simply a way to make sure you and your family have vital financial resources as you overcome the challenge of serious injury.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Insurance companies have legal resources at their disposal, and they use those resources to protect their financial interests. Don't you deserve the same?

Call 847-662-3303 or contact our offices online to schedule a free consultation at one of our convenient Lake County area locations in Libertyville, Waukegan, Chicago, and Richmond.

Contact a Lake County Vehicle Accident Attorney Who is Ready to Help You

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact our office. Call 847-662-3303 to set up a free initial consultation at one of our four convenient locations. There is no risk because we only collect fees if you collect compensation. With offices in Libertyville, Waukegan, Richmond, and Chicago, we represent clients in Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, and McHenry County.

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