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What Happens if you are in an Illinois Ride-sharing Car Accident?

Lake County Car Accident Lawyers

Depending on the point during the trip that the accident occurred, whether the driver or a third party was at fault for the accident, and whether the driver also holds ride-share insurance can all determine how you should proceed with your personal injury claim after a ride-sharing car accident.

Ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have become extremely popular in the United States over the past few years. These services, unlike traditional taxis and public transportation, rely on a smartphone app to connect riders with nearby drivers. These drivers are not professional drivers – they are simply individuals who meet the companies' requirements for drivers, own their own cars, and are available to provide rides for the app users.

New Dog Bite Legislation in Illinois

Waukegan Personal Injury Attorneys

Dog bites can happen at any time. Although many of us would never imagine being bitten by a friendly family dog, the truth is that any dog, of any breed, can bite a human victim and cause a substantial injury. Dogs that are frightened, provoked, or suffering from neurological conditions can bite victims, as can dogs trained specifically to attack and aggressive dogs that are not trained or contained properly.

A dog bite injury can have long-lasting repercussions, such as nerve and tissue damage and emotional anguish following the bite. When a victim is bitten by a dog suffering from rabies, he or she is at risk of developing the condition as well. In 2016, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner signed amendments to the Illinois Animal Control Act into law regarding the proper actions for owners of dogs responsible for bites to take after bites occur. If you are bitten by a dog and you did nothing to provoke the bite, you can potentially recover compensation for your resulting damages through a personal injury claim.

Ten Tips for Traveling in the Snow

Lake County Car Accident Attorneys

This winter, take steps to drive more safely and conscientiously to reduce your chance of being involved in a car accident. Environmental factors like snow and ice on the road, fewer daylight hours, and cold air make driving in the winter more dangerous than driving during warmer times of the year. Use the following ten tips to drive as safely as possible this winter. If you are a parent of a teen driver, be sure to discuss these safety tips with your son or daughter so he or she is prepared for the challenges of winter driving.

Check your Vehicle’s Fluids Before you Leave

In the winter, your car needs different fluids than it needs during the warmer months. Make sure your vehicle has a sufficient level of antifreeze in its radiator to cool it without freezing solid. Replace your windshield wiper fluid with a freeze-resistant solution for the same reason.

Who Protects the Public from Dangerous Products?

Waukegan Personal Injury Law Firm

Protecting the public from harmful products is a joint effort. Responsibility lies with product manufacturers to ensure that the products they send to the market are safe for consumers to use and that any potential hazards they pose are labeled appropriately. Safe product and appropriate packaging guidelines are created and enforced by a group of federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Coast Guard. When a faulty or defective product slips past these barriers and harms a consumer, a personal injury lawyer can help him or her file and pursue a product liability claim. Through this type of claim, an injured victim can seek compensation for all of his or her damages related to the injury, such as lost wages, medical bills, and miscellaneous expenses known as “pain and suffering” damages.

Dealing with an Accident on Vacation

Waukegan Personal Injury Lawyers

When you go on vacation, you generally leave your worries and cares at home and try to have a good time. You might pack your family up and fly across the world to enjoy an exotic getaway, head out to the wilderness to “rough it” in a camper or a tent, or simply drive up to one of the many lakes in our region to enjoy a few tranquil days beside the water. In any of these scenarios, it is possible to be involved in an accident and suffer an injury. In fact, you might be more susceptible to an injury while you are on vacation because not only do you “have your guard down,” but you are in an unfamiliar place and may be drinking more alcohol than you do at home, inhibiting your judgment and perception.

Being injured on vacation is different from being injured at home, especially if you are vacationing outside Illinois. There are different laws in place in different states and nations and when you are injured in another state or country, these laws apply. Familiarize yourself with the applicable laws of the area where you are vacationing and always put your health and safety first. Seek medical attention for your injury as soon as you can after your accident and worry about filing a personal injury claim later.

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