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Was Your Truck Crash Caused by the Trucking Company’s Failure to Maintain Vehicles?

 Posted on January 20, 2023 in Truck Accidents

Waukegan Personal Injury LawyerIf you or a loved one were recently injured in a commercial truck crash, you may be wondering what happened and who is at fault. Many accidents are caused by truck driver negligence such as distracted driving or speeding. However, in some cases, the trucking company's failure to maintain a commercial truck can result in an accident. Inadequate truck maintenance can have devastating consequences. Individuals who suffer injuries or lose a loved one in a commercial truck crash caused by inadequate maintenance may be entitled to monetary damages for their losses.

Maintenance Requirements for Commercial Trucks

Trucking companies are required by law to meet certain standards when it comes to maintaining their commercial trucks. These standards include inspecting each vehicle before it sets out on the road, repairing any malfunctions or damage that might occur during its use, and regularly checking the tires, brakes, lights, reflectors, and other components of the truck. Additionally, drivers must take responsibility for complete pre-trip inspections prior to beginning any journey.

The Impact of Negligence on Safety

When trucking companies fail to adhere to maintenance requirements established by law or neglect their responsibility to check vehicles before they set out on the road, they put everyone on the highway at risk of an accident due to an unforeseen issue with the vehicle. The consequences of negligence can be serious—it is up to each driver and company owner to ensure that all trucks are safe for operation before hitting the highway.   

Compensation to Which You May Be Entitled                  

If you were recently involved in a crash with a commercial truck and believe that poor maintenance was at least partially responsible, there may be legal action you can take against those responsible for your injuries. It is important that you consult an experienced lawyer who deals specifically with this type of case in order to help you determine your rights and possible compensation under the law.

You may be able to recover financial compensation for the losses you suffered because of the crash, including compensation for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Lost wages from being unable to work

  • Vehicle repair costs and other property damage

  • Non-economic losses including lost quality of life, pain, and mental anguish

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